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HCRN PI’s offer point and counterpoint of shunting and ETV/CPC

By , Friday, March 28th, 2014

HCRN Chairman John Kestle and HCRN investigator Jay Riva-Cambrin were published in AANS Neurosurgeon this month in counterbalancing articles about changes in treatment of hydrocephalus and the impact of new procedures going forward. Dr. Riva-Cambrin discusses his observations in nuances of the treatment of hydrocephalus since he was trained as a neurosurgeon in the late 1990s. He highlights the re-emergence of the endoscopic third ventriculostomy with the addition of choroid plexus coagulation and the potential for changing the default treatment of hydrocephalus with a shunt. Dr. Kestle’s article provides the counterpoint that despite these innovations, shunts are the “workhorse” of hydrocephalus treatment and we must continue to improve the outcomes for patients treated with a shunt. Both of these articles make for interesting reading about the evolution of hydrocephalus treatment.

Dr. John Kestle to Return to Primary Children’s Hospital in June 2014

By Paul Gross, Monday, February 17th, 2014

Dr. John KestleJohn Kestle is returning to Primary Children’s Hospital as a pediatric neurosurgeon and Vice Chair of Clinical Research, for the University of Utah Department of Neurosurgery. After an evaluation of the role of Chief of Surgery at University of British Columbia, Dr. Kestle decided to return to his core passions of pediatric neurosurgery, conducting clinical research into hydrocephalus and other neurosurgical conditions, and mentoring others in these areas. Dr. Kestle will also continue his work with the adult study group for hydrocephalus  initiated by the Hydrocephalus Association.

BC Children’s Hospital’s Dr. Doug Cochrane will continue in his role as the PI in HCRN for that institution maintaining HCRN’s nine center presence across North America.