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HCRN Chair John Kestle to move to Vancouver B.C.

By Paul Gross, Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

HCRN Chair, John Kestle, will be making a move to Vancouver to assume the role of Head of the Department of Surgery for the University of British Columbia. In Vancouver, he will remain the Chair of HCRN and will do clinical work in pediatric neurosurgery. In addition to his care for children with hydrocephalus, Dr Kestle will also treat some adult patients. Congratulations to Dr. Kestle for his new role!

The data will remain with the Data Coordinating Center (DCC) in Utah under the direction of Rich Holubkov PhD, Lead Statistician and DCC PI. The University of Utah will continue its active role in hydrocephalus research through the HCRN. John assumes his new role March 25, 2013. With the recent move of Dr Wellons to Vanderbilt and Dr Kestle’s planned move to Vancouver, these would be logical sites for future HCRN expansion.

HCRN’s Chevis Shannon Kicks Off AANS/CNS Pediatric Section Talks

By John Kestle, Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

HCRN was well represented at the recent AANS/CNS Pediatric Section meeting in St Louis, Nov 27 – 30. Chevis Shannon, from the Alabama center had the honor of giving the first talk of the conference. This is always the coveted position right after the opening ceremony, with the highest attendance. She described their experience identifying potential sources of infection in shunt surgery. Dr Whitehead from Texas Children’s gave a talk describing the findings from his HCRN ultrasound study. Interestingly he is the first to show that catheters commonly move from their initial position in the ventricle. This met with considerable interest during and after the meeting. Dr Riva-Cambrin and a Utah resident Dr Sarah Garber presented a paper on 4th ventricle shunts. Dr Wellons along with UAB resident Rob Naftel presented work on sociodemographics and shunt failure from the Birmingham center.